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24/7 Addictions Consult Service - 416 864 5431

Request Addictions on call- *Available until Mar 31*

Allergy (Peds & Adult)

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IMPORTANT: Phone contact with the interventionalist is required prior to all STEMI transfers and initiation of antiplatelets or heparin.

DO NOT GIVE TICAGRELOR until the patient is confirmed for PCI.

Please note: Sunnybrook is using one table for PCI for STEMI so there may be delays, redirect to UHN and then St.Mikes is still available.

Relevant PowerPlans (order through Firstnet):

  1. CrCU/ED Tenecteplase/TNKase for Myocardial Infarction/STEMI

  2. Enoxaparin for Myocardial Infarction/STEMI: Thrombolytic Given

Supporting documents linked to the PowerPlans and IV guidelines with their links on ERIC (links only active while @ NYGH)

  1. Thrombolysis for Myocardial Infarction: Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria  (Link) (PDF)

  2. Enoxaparin Dose Banding Table for Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) with Thrombolytic (Link) (PDF)

  3. IV Tenecteplase guidelines (Link) (PDF)

  4. IV enoxaparin guidelines (Link) (PDF)


360 Concussion Care, all ages (Yonge & Eglinton)

Referral Form

360 Concussion Care Patient Info
Download PDF • 74KB

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital, age < 18 only (Eglinton & Bayview)

Peds Holl Bloorview Concussion Referral
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Peds Holland Bloorview Concussion Discha
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COVID-19 Follow Up Clinic

A primary care provider will call the patient to follow up and provide test results. Order through Firstnet: COVID-19 High Risk Follow Up.


a) Patients with unclear access to a primary care provider

b) Patients without internet access

c) Suspected COVID patients who do not require admission


For patients presenting in Atrial Fibrillation please see current NYGH ED protocol

Cardiac Care North York- Rapid Access Program - Dr Morant/Bajaj

Patient Info Sheet

Referral Form


Acute Care Gyne Clinic (Sr Resident Clinic) Referral Guidelines

Neuro-Ophthalmology (UHN)

Dr. Edward Margolin edward.margolin@uhn.ca

Clinic: Toronto Eye Specialists and Surgeons

Clinic Phone Number: 647-748-8377

Address: 801 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 301, Toronto

MUST fax all referrals to 416 619 5539 and give patient a copy of the chart and referral.

Clinic times: Tuesday and Thursday 8 AM - 1 PM

Oral Maxillofacial Service

OMF Sunnybrook Referral Guidelines

OMF Sunnybrook Patient Handout


Eating Disorders

Admit Criteria Eating Disorders Feb 2021
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NYGH Peds Ambulatory Clinic

  • Telephone visits, document 2 phone numbers on the chart

  • If the MD determines that they need to be seen in person, the clinic will arrange for them to be seen in person for non-febrile respiratory issues

  • Clinically worsening febrile respiratory pts, suggest ED visit with Peds consult

  • As of June 8, 2020: If the emergency physician feels a patient must be seen in-person, then please fax the referral indicating the physician’s recommendations and we will make arrangements.  Please do not directly book these patients into the schedule

Kindercare Pediatrics

  • Eglinton Ave W & Avenue Rd

  • Specialty pediatrics clinics including: breastfeeding and lactation, circumcision, allergy, rheumatology, dermatology, etc...

  • Kindercare Pediatrics Referral Form


  • Bathurst & St. Clair Ave W

  • Specialty pediatrics clinics including: Allergy, Audiology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, etc...

  • https://kidcrew.com/pediatrics/


Criteria for OHIP covered Physiotherapy

  • Have OHIP number

  • Age > 65

  • On Ontario Works or ODSP

  • DC from hospital after an overnight admission

  • Resident of LTC age 18 or older

OHIP Funded Physio clinics
Download DOCX • 30KB

Private Physiotherapy Clinics

Private Physio clinics
Download DOCX • 30KB

Podiatry (Azher's clinic)

Podiatrist referral
Download PDF • 568KB
Podiatrist Handout
Download PDF • 4.29MB



Refer stable suspected outpatient TB patients to West Park Health Care (Jane/Eglinton), they will not be seen in Baruch-Weisz Clinic. Please fax all relevant records and investigations along with referral form.


Acute Care Urology Clinic (Baruch-Weisz) Referral Guidelines

CCAC form pre-filled with trial void orders

CCAC form pre-filled with home foley care orders

Vascular Surgery

Refer to NYGH/UHN Vascular Surgery Collaborative Algorithm (Mar 26, 2019)


Updated: Aug 5

Locating 6002

Radiologist Daytime Hours 6186

Radiologist After Hours 4429 then 2 or page locating

Overhead page 5788

Andrea 4078

Al 4585

Acute 6882

Acute Fax Number 416 756 6085 / 6793

ACZ 3201

Admitting 3038

Ambulatory 4119

Blood Bank 6239

Crystals (cytology lab) @0830 6245

Charge Nurse Phone 3620

CT Tech 4193

CT 4193/3380

Crisis 416 659 0137

Gem 3445/3444

Green Zone 4119

Help desk 6074 / 416 714 6411

Interventional Radiology 5010

Lab 6237

Locating 6002

Lounge 6374

MRI 6118

OR 4091/6265

PACS Support 4325

Pharmacy 6098

Physio (Ruth) 6918

Resus 6378

Respiratory Therapy 416 550 5139

Red Zone 3390

Security 6049

Social Work 6914

Sub Acute 6113

TA General 3621/3622

TA Acute 3621

TA Porter 3984

TA Sub Acute 3622

Transcription 6748

Triage 4314

US 6175

X-Ray 6167

X ray desk 3380

X ray tech 3029

YZ 4612