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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

For Medical Students:

For All Other Residents and Students (including PA students): (updated for 2023-24 academic year)

For CBD Residents:

Elentra (only use link on mobile, as desktop saves cookies)

As always, please continue to encourage your faculty to:

  1. Complete 1 (maybe 2) EPA tools during a shift, guided by a 2-3 minutes of direct observation of the resident at some point of the patient interaction. 

  2. Be honest in their entrustments. - EPAs are low stakes and multiple. We expect many EPAs will not be entrusted especially early on in a stage.

  3. Anchor the EPA entrustment scale on the task on hand. EPA’s are not global assessments. e.g. by choosing autonomous on an EPA 1 on a specific day does not mean they are now fully autonomous in every EPA 1. 

Information for all CBD residents:

  1. Master EPA List

  2. Elentra User Guide

  3. Elentra Updates

  4. EPA completion infographic

  5. EPA completion video 

  6. EPAs replace the end of shift evaluation cards for CBD residents.

PGY1 CBD residents information (a reminder):

  1. Transition to Discipline (TTD - first 3 blocks of PGY1) EM Rotation Plans and ITARS

  2. TTD EPA and SA faculty completion guides

  3. Foundation of Discipline (FOD - blocks 4-13 of PGY1)  EM Rotation Plans and ITARS.

  4. FOD EPA faculty completion guides.

PGY 2 CBD resident information: 

  1. Core of Discipline (COD)  Junior (PGY 2) rotation plans and ITARs 

  2. COD Faculty EPA  completion guides  

PGY3 CBD resident information:

1. Core of Discipline (COD) Senior (PGY3) rotation plan and ITAR

2. COD Faculty EPA completion guides

There are 14 Core EPAs that have to be completed in PGY 2-4 and a few special assessments. NB: The clinical special assessments can be found in Elentra under On Demand Workflow under the Other Assessment Forms

If there is information that is not captured in the EPAs, the faculty can use Notes to File (which can be located under ‘My assessments’-‘Start Assessment’- and then below ‘assessment tools tab’ ) to provide information to the program. This can be done confidentially. 

All information above will also be available on our EM CBD website:

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